Welcome to my lifestyle blog, the petite passions. You'll notice a strong sewing and dressmaking focus over these pages. Three years ago I began learning how to sew, and have been totally addicted since. It has taken over my life and my blog! You'll find lots of pattern reviews on here, along with tips for beginner dressmakers. I also have to confess to being a lifelong foodie - cooking, eating out and trying to establish a healthy diet are all important for me so there are a few recipes on here too.

For 2017 this blog was also the home of the #wardrobebuilder project. This focused on creating a handmade wardrobe of staple items and on giving seamstresses an opportunity to share our makes with each other....with some lovely giveaways throughout the year too! This year I'm one of the team of international bloggers leading #SewMyStyle2018. There's plenty more info on both of these projects if you click on the labels.

I also write a monthly column for Sew Now magazine, focusing on the #wardrobebuilder and #sewmystyle2018, as well as the occasional pattern review. I have written review pieces for other sewing magazines, and regularly work with companies in the sewing industry to explore new ways of using their fabrics and patterns. If you are interested in collaborating together on a project, just ping me an email.

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Hi, I'm Laura. Welcome to my journeys with dressmaking and knitting; pattern reviews, tips and guides for beginners. I'm a lifelong foodie, so you'll also find some delicious recipes and places to get that foodie fix.

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