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Recently my reasons for making have featured a lot in conversations with people I'm talking with; it's something I've noticed more now that I knit as well as sew. When someone comments on something I'm wearing and I get to say those words we all look forward to "Why thanks, I made it actually", people mainly respond with a 'oh right' and move on (sometimes it does lead to nice comments or a shared interest, but that's rarer). I think it's partly because they don't see the process behind it. Now, if someone sees me knitting, that tends to generate more conversation than anything (sewn or knit) that I'm wearing. I have a feeling that there's something about it being unexpected that prompts curiosity. As I've been drawn into these conversations it's made me think more about why I am making and I have found different reasons behind both of the crafts that I enjoy. Then Love Crafts went and put it out there as a question as well so I thought I'd start out with my reasons and put it over to you to add in your comments as well.....
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Hi, I'm Laura. Welcome to my journeys with modern, feminine dressmaking and knitting; pattern reviews, tips and guides for beginners. I'm a lifelong foodie, so you'll also find some delicious recipes and places to get that foodie fix.

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