Klum House Portsmith Tote

Klum House Portsmith Tote

Sewing bags is another of those things that I wouldn't have tried if it wasn't for the #sewmystyle2018 project. Normally I'm pretty much focused on dressmaking and I'm also not keen on the idea of the kind of hardware that it might entail. As it turns out, careful sourcing of supplies makes a big difference, and helped to make this a quicker make than I anticipated. With Christmas coming up soon I'm now also thinking that these can be an excellent idea for handmade gifts as they suit personal style much more easily than garments would.

Klum House Portsmith Tote

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Nina Lee Mayfair Dress

This is one of my top makes from this summer - it was quick and easy to wear in that glorious weather we had. I used the Nina Lee Mayfair Dress pattern and fabric from Minerva Crafts as part of the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network. All the details of fabric and fitting are over on their blog (link here). Since I've made mine I've seen quite a few glamorous maxi versions that I'm using as inspiration for winter evening wear, so don't be surprised if you see another one making an appearance over here!

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Hi, I'm Laura. Welcome to my journeys with modern, feminine dressmaking and knitting; pattern reviews, tips and guides for beginners. I'm a lifelong foodie, so you'll also find some delicious recipes and places to get that foodie fix.

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