Guest post contribution from Sally...Do you need more reasons to sew?

This week's post is a food for thought piece from case you need some more reasons on why sewing is good for you!!!! Personally I'm totally with her on the positive social interaction you get from sewing; I think the sewing community online is the best group of positive people you are likely to come across. Have a read and see which you agree with...

Sewing Your Way To Health And Happiness
James Edward Austen-Leigh once said the following about Jane Austen:  ”Her needlework both plain and ornamental was excellent, and she might have put a sewing machine to shame.” Throughout the ages, sewing has been a popular pastime (and trade) with the trend still continuing strong in the UK today. According to research conducted by the Craft & Hobby Trade Association, more than 1 million people, of who mostly women, have taken up sewing in the UK since 2013 bringing the total of sewing enthusiasts to around 7.8 million.

As we grow older it often becomes necessary, due to health and physical restraints, to let go of many activities we enjoyed when we were younger. This leaves us feeling desolate and often leads to severe depression. It is imperative that seniors keep busy by engaging in hobbies that they not only enjoy but that will boost their overall health and well-being as well. Sewing is one such pastime that not only provides the senior with the opportunity to create beautiful items of clothing and other handmade items but can even supplement their income should they choose to sell their crafts. You might be surprised to see just how beneficial sewing can be to an elderly individual.

It provides you with ‘me time’ and can increase social interaction
Sewing provides seniors with a great opportunity to spend quality time with themselves while also doing something for themselves (and possibly others). When we approach our golden years it becomes increasingly important to take care of ourselves. Partaking in senior-suitable activities we enjoy is a terrific way to increase our own happiness. We often measure our own self-worth by what we can do for others, causing emotional anguish and even burn-out. Sewing shifts that focus to ourselves, boosting our self-esteem through a simple act of doing something we enjoy. Sewing can also provide seniors with the chance to interact on a social level with like-minded individuals, whether at a sewing class or a more relaxed sewing circle.

It prevents a sensory overload
We live in a world where everyone, including seniors, tends to spend too much time in front of a TV or computer screen. When we watch TV for hours on end we expose our brains to a gigantic sensory overload which often leaves us feeling unnaturally fatigued. Taking a much-needed break from the screen and engaging in a purposeful hobby like sewing will not only refresh the ageing mind but will also improve night-time sleep while dispersing of the feelings of unease and exhaustion often associated with a sensory overload.

It promotes good mental health
Sewing is known to decrease stress and anxiety as well as ward off depression. When you partake in an activity you enjoy, like sewing, your brain increases its dopamine production which leaves you feeling happier.  Sewing can also significantly reduce the risk of dementia as you get older as it helps your brain stay active and focused. The small steps you have to follow while sewing acts as training for your brain, keeping it strong as you get older.

It improves hand-eye coordination
As we age our fine motor skills naturally decline. One of the biggest benefits of sewing is that it will improve hand-eye coordination as you constantly have to work with small needles and threads, sewing tiny stitches. As your hand-eye coordination improves you will find yourself performing a range of everyday tasks with greater ease which, in turn, will give your self-confidence a welcome boost.
If you are looking for a hobby that will bring you countless amounts of joy while you get to create beautiful items for yourself and others, sewing might be worthy of a spot at the top of your list of options. Take the plunge, buy a few pieces of material and a pattern or two and see what magic unfolds right before your very eyes.

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