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One of the best things about blogging is that anyone can create something amazing with relatively little in the way of experience or cash investment. All you need is an idea, some time and some help to set it up. Luckily the internet is jam packed with people who offer help in every realm imaginable, and bloggers who love to blog about blogging... so there is a lot out there to get you started. As a complete newbie to the blogosphere I needed how to guides that were really easy to follow, and could be used with little previous experience. It wasn't until I started looking for help that I realised how many ways I needed it, and how this advice can be used to create almost anything. Some articles and blogs have been more helpful than others so if you are thinking about starting your own blog you should definitely check these out. All of these sites are full of inspiring ideas that you will want to try out.

The Wonder Forest

The Wonder Forest is a lifestyle blog from Dana Fox, the creator of The Blog Beautician (YouTube), I Can Build A Blog (blog) and the online Envye store (blog templates and more). She has put together an article all about starting a lifestyle blog that guides you through the basics of naming your blog to the tech behind choosing a platform and making it look professional. The two blogs and videos are full of lots of step by step guides that will help you personalise your blog and get to grips with the techie side of keeping it running. This is the place that inspired me to start a blog, and I am still working through the resources within it (did you notice my new blog header?).
Definitely worth a look, and do sign up to the newsletter as you can get sent special offer codes for courses and templates.

Good for:

  • Technical help
  • Blog basics
  • Design guides

Design Your Own (lovely) Blog

This is a beautful blog full of helpful guides and how tos which will make your blog look great. It covers CSS, blog photography and pretty much everything design based in a way that means beginners won't get lost. Marianne has also put together a comprehensive guide that is really helpful in taking your blog from something amateur to a professional looking space (without spending a lot of money).

Good for:

  • Customising your blog
  • Technical help

The Branded Solopreneur
Andrea Beltrami shares her design know how with a whole bunch of free mini-courses, mainly focused on branding your blog and growing a following based on this. Creating a brand is a big thing, and there is a lot of help here to guide you in the process. If you sign up you can also be invited to the Society group where other members will give you feedback on your ideas and creations (if you ask for it).

Good for:

  • Blog basics
  • Branding and design

Code it pretty
This is no longer an active blog but is available as an archive, and is dull of coding tutorials for newbies. Getting to grips with CSS and HTML is not what I had in mind when I started blogging, and I still have no idea what it's all about. However, I have been able to use coding to create lots of blog features by following these tutorials. They take you step by step through each coding stage so you can create customised features, and the comments threads at the bottom of the articles also contain a lot of troubleshooting information still.

Good for:

  • Technical help
  • Customising your blog

Free ebooks, workshops and worksheets that you can use right from blog start up to building a business from your blog. This site is loaded with awesome and detailed guides that cover everything from launching a blog on a budget to branding, social media and business plans. There are additional courses that you can pay for if you want to too.

Good for:

  • Blog basics
  • Branding and design
  • Growing your blog or business

Pinterest is really helpful for finding articles and guides. I save these to my blogging tips board, which you can access straight away here to short cut to useful web pages. Other blogs and sites that I have found helpful for blogging tips (such as photography, content and social media sharing) are:

What is the most helpful advice you have had in building your blog? Let us know by adding to the comments below if you have more to share!


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