Summer bodies are made in the winter

That's what Gemma at work likes to say.  And she does have a point. Every single year I say to myself that I won't overdo it over the holidays, and every year I give in to temptation and thoroughly enjoy all the foodie treats over Christmas and New Year. What with it being cold and wearing jumpers all the time a little extra 'insulation' is easier to overlook. Which means that from January 2nd, some major restorative work is usually needed to get myself back on track, feeling fit and like myself again.

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the #wardrobebuilder project - Jumpers and Sweaters

So, here is the first wardrobe essential for the 2017 handmade wardrobe- Jumpers and Sweaters. What else could we all be looking to make in the middle of winter, after all those mince pies? I know I definitely feel like having something warm and comfortable to wear and snuggle up in. I am torn a bit between the 'smart' option  (the one where you can go out to lunch with friends and still feel stylish) and the full on comfort option (if I had a log fire this is what I would wear sitting in front of it as I cradle a hot chocolate).

This month's Link Up is at the bottom...share your makes, inspiration and ideas with us. Or add them to the group Pinterest board; the #wardrobebuilder project.

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The Wardrobe Builder Project

Time to get involved....

One thing I love about sewing is the amazing social networks. Seamstresses are great at sharing and celebrating their own and other's makes. Since I started sewing I've also come across a lot of sewing challenges and tags that are fun to get involved in. I want to take part in them all, and I've linked up to a few so far (always featured in sidebar links if there's an image). Up until now I've been dipping my toe in the water, trying to develop my novice skills and see what's out there. I've made some things that I've worn again and again, along with others that I haven't worn (or finished!) at all. Now, for 2017 I'm trying to achieve something a little different, and gain a little more balance, hence the #wardrobebuilder project.
One garment a month, over the course of one year, building up a handmade collection of wardrobe essentials. 

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Pondering 2017

You might have noticed that the last month has been a little bare on this blog. The truth is I'm not too sure what to write. I have photos ready to go from things I have sewn or cooked, and plenty of ideas in general. All I need to do is write a few words and post to keep with my weekly schedule. The thing is I'm debating whether or not to focus on just dressmaking, or to continue to include other areas too.

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Reader questions... Sewing FAQ

This week's post is based on questions that have been emailed to me about learning to sew. (TheSnobbyFoodie.... This means you!) 
As I sat down to answer these I thought that some of you fellow seamstresses might have more to add too,  so please lend your thoughts in the comments box, or feel free to add other questions too! 

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Spicy Sausage Pasta

Amazing Sausage Pasta Recipe

I'm not even sure I should be revealing this recipe as it could well be my undoing. This pasta recipe is my signature dish, the one everyone requests when they come over for dinner, the one I'm asked to bring along to other people's houses for dinner, the one I turn to when I need comfort food.

It's that good

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the #wardrobebuilder project

the #wardrobebuilder project



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