1940s Tea Dress

Sew Over It 1940s Afternoon Tea Dress pattern review

I love this pattern

This is another  vintage inspired pattern from Sew Over It. It’s a knee length dress with delicately gathered at the sleeves and bust areas. The waist is defined and, when put together with the V shaped neck and gently flared skirt, gives a feminine and flattering silhouette. It’s also fairly straightforward to put together! This is the first of many I feel.....
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Getting married abroad

Getting married abroad

Having recently come back from a fabulous wedding abroad, and having had one myself, I thought some lessons learned might be helpful for anyone else out there thinking of jetting away for their nuptials. Destination weddings lend a perfect opportunity to surprise your guests with something a bit different, in a place you truly love. We found it helpful in creating an intimate, low fuss wedding and we knew we would be (pretty much) guaranteed fabulous weather. Did we know anything about getting married abroad? No. Was there any more 'wedmin' than a traditional wedding? Probably not…there are just different things to consider…….. Read on for all you need to know to begin to plan your destination wedding.

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Fashion with Fabric Kimono Jacket

From the moment I opened Fashion with Fabric I wanted to make this. It looked beautiful and I didn't have a kimono jacket in my wardrobe yet, but had seen lots of beautiful ones worn by friends (so obviously I had to get one too). In the book it was described as something that would be suitable for beginners, and was based on a 'three hour slouchy cardigan'...so looked entirely doable for me. As it turns out it was doable, but not in a short space of time (because of my inexperience with the fabric really).

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How to eat for more energy and a flatter tummy

How to eat for more energy and a flatter tummy

Do you find that you go through the day feeling sluggish, bloated and tired? I do, a lot and I hate it. So I decided to think of natural ways to improve my energy levels...and hopefully shift a couple of unwanted pounds for the summer. Changing what you eat can have a massive impact on energy levels, keeping you on a steady burn rather than careening through highs and lows all day. There are lots of books and articles that give lists of foods that are ‘good’ or ‘bad’, or trackers with points etc.
However, I think life is complicated enough, and I need something simple that is easy to follow, so I've stripped it all back to 5 fundamentals…. the basic principles to eating for a steady energy release, and a flatter tummy!

How to eat for more energy and a flatter tummy

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By Hand London Victoria Blazer with lined sleeves

By Hand London Victoria Blazer with lined sleeves pattern reviewI bought a triple pack of patterns from By Hand London, one of which being the Victoria Blazer (and another being the Anna dress whilst it was still available on paper). I was drawn to the casual fit of the blazer and like the three variations that you can create with the pattern, even though it was rated above my skill level. I chose the cropped variation for my first blazer so that I could throw it over summer dresses at the many christenings I was invited to and also wear it with jeans for barbecues….and ended up wearing it all summer. 

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Writing for a magazine

This month’s Sewing Made Simple magazine and my first print publication:

Sewing Made Simple

Clearly a notable feature to be mentioned off the bat is an article written by yours truly! (more on that in a bit)

Writing for a magazine

Sewing Made Simple is a ‘bookazine’ that is released every 8 weeks. It includes patterns and dressmaking tips (and is particularly good for those of us just starting out, wanting to make clothes that fit current fashion too). I like to look in magazines like this one, and their sister publication ‘Love Sewing’, mainly for inspiration and simple patterns I can actually complete. I was completely surprised to be asked to write an article…writing for anyone other than myself is something I had never considered. Obviously I agreed before they could change their minds, then started thinking about how I would actually transition from blog to print.

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Welcome to my blog about the little things in life I love - food, dressmaking, beauty and celebrating with family. I am always wanting to learn and try out new things. This is an online journal of sorts sharing my thoughts and experiences in these and life in general.

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